Shane Telescope 3-m Mirror Aluminization Movies

Time-lapse movies of the Shane 3-m Telescope mirror re-aluminization are being composed from a few cameras that have been positioned inside the dome to document the procedure.

Links to new movies will be added as they are created.

Day 1, 2016 Feb 17: Removing the Mirror from the Telescope

Day 2, 2016 Feb 18: Stripping the Mirror

Day 3, 2016 Feb 19: Moving the Glass to the Aluminizing Chamber

Day 4, 2016 Feb 20: Inspecting and Replacing Cables on the Telescope

Day 5, 2016 Feb 21: Continuing Replacing Cables on the Telescope

Day 6, 2016 Feb 22: Glass is Aluminized, Mirror Supports and Cell Inspected and Cleaned.

Day 7, 2016 Feb 23: Mirror is Moved Back to the Dome and Mated with the Mirror Cell.

Day 8, 2016 Feb 24: Mirror is Re-installed in the Shane Telescope.

Day 9, 2016 Feb 25: Mirror Positioning in Cell, Installation of Telescope Utility Bin and Kast Spectrograph.

Day 10, 2016 Feb 26: Continue Installing Fiber Optic, Power, Ethernet, and Other Cables

Movies were assembled by Elinor Gates. Camera images provided by Elinor Gates and Kostas Chloros. Aluminizing footage by Dale Sandford.

Elinor Gates
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