Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not addressed on this page? Please contact your friendly local telescope technician if you are currently observing, or e-mail if you are currently off-site.

  1. I am listed as having access to a particular night's data, but the web page says my password is not set. How do I set a password?

    Contact a support astronomer,, in order to set your password. You will only need to set your password once, though it can be changed as many times as you need. Changed passwords may take up to 10 minutes to propogate through the system.

  2. When prompted for my username and password, what username do I use?

    Enter the username exactly as it appears on the previous page; for example, if the prompt says "Access allowed to user Bob J. Smith (or b.smith)", you must enter your username as "Bob J. Smith" (without the quotes), or as "b.smith" (again without the quotes).

  3. I was a member of the observing team that took data on a particular night, but only one of my collaborators has their name listed. How do I get my name added to this list?

    Currently, only one name can be associated with any single observing run. You will need to contact the listed collaborator in order to download your data via this web site.

  4. I would like to use wget to retrieve a single night's data. How can I do this?

    When you browse through a single night's data in your web browser, an alternate URL is displayed at the top of the list. That URL is suitable for use via wget, in the following fashion (all on one line):

    wget --no-check-certificate --user="Your user name" --password="Your password" -O yourfilename.tar.gz "http://alternate/url/here/"

    This mechanism is a convenient way to transfer a full night's data back to your home institution without having to call up a full web browser.

  5. Can I search the archive?

    At the present time, the archive contents are not searchable. We expect to add a searchable interface to the archive at some unspecified future time.