Detector Data for Mount Hamilton Facility Instruments

Dewar #2 Specifications

Uses 1-meter direct imaging
Date installed4/3/01
Detector LL3-w20-0,0 AR AL
thin 2K x 2K
15 u-meter pixels
reported by M. Wei
Temperature-125 C.
Noise and Gain
at the Telescope
(Left Amp Only)
Mode: Noise(e-), Gain(e-/DN)
binx1 fast: 17.8, 1.96
binx2 fast: 14.0, 1.68
binx4 fast: 14.8, 1.69
binx4 slow: 10.0, 1.82
binx2 slow: 8.3, 1.83
binx1 slow: 8.6, 2.03
Full Chip Readout Times (s) binx1 fast: 17
binx2 fast: 6
binx4 fast: 2
binx4 slow: 6
binx2 slow: 21
binx1 slow: 77
Lab Gain (e-/DN) (in Dewar 7) AR: 1.54
AL: 1.70
x-ray test
in Dewar #7
Lab Readnoise (in Dewar 7) AR: 11.8 e-
AL: 11.7 e-
Dark current (-125c) 0.5 e-/hr/pixel
Full Well MPP100,000 e-
non-MPP118,000 e-
Serial CTE AR: very good
AL: very good
Vertical CTEvery good
Notes Replaces unthinned, phosphor coated, 2k x 2k device.