Detector Data for Mount Hamilton Facility Instruments

Kast Red Dewar Specifications

Uses Kast spectrograph, red channel
Date installed9/20/2016
Detector Hamamatsu 4096x1024
15 u-meter pixels
AmplifierTwo: Left and Right
Temperature -105 C
Gain (e-/DN)Slow readout: Left: 1.85, Right: 1.92
Fast readout: Left: 0.555, Right: 0.54
Noise (e-/pix RMS)Slow readout: Left: 3.6, Right: 3.9
Fast readout: Left and Right: 4.3
Dark current 4 e-/pixel/hour
Full well150,000 e-
LinearitySlow readout: linear until 32k DN
Fast readout: linear to 65k DN
CTEVertical direction: 0.999998
Horizontal direction: 0.999996
NotesBoth Left and Right amplifiers are used.
Detector is actually a 4kx2k device, but one quarter of the detector
is non-functional, but that region is outside the illuminated area.

Linearity Plot for Slow Readout