AO End of Night Shutdown Procedures

Daily Shutdown Procedure

  1. Park telescope at zenith.
  2. If ircalui's LSM monitor is running, close it or click the Bypass button.
  3. Put in Red Light Source (RLS).
  4. Remove any WFS and LTT ND filters.
  5. Set AO and LTT rates to 500 Hz.
  6. Field steer WFS and LGS P&C back to center by pressing Go to Zero button in both P&C GUIs (RLS should be visible on WFS and all field steer motors should be at zero).
  7. Move WFSFocus to zero.
  8. Turn off Motors by clicking "Actions -- Turn off motors" in aomot_gui.
  9. Turn off RLS.

End of Run Shutdown Procedure

  1. Perform the daily shutdown procedure listed above.
  2. Move IrisX and IrisY motors to zero.
  3. Make sure IRCAL filters are in the dark position (currently BrG-2.16, Blank25, Pinhole).
  4. In ircalui, disable AO communications and Sound (in the Config menu).
  5. In ircalui, close the LSM GUI or click its Bypass button.
  6. Quit Eventsounds.
  7. On lgs13, in the PVCam software, close camera and exit IDL software.
  8. Shutdown lgs13.
  9. Turn off back WFS camera.
  10. Turn off DM 100V power.
  11. Turn off all motors.
  12. Turn off 24V motor power.
  13. Stop motor dispatchers: ao stop
  14. Turn off TT 100V power.
  15. Turn off filter wheels.
  16. Turn off stepper and servo controllers.
  17. Turn off 5 V encoder power.
  18. Turn off WFS camera.
  19. Turn off LTT Camera.
  20. Stop power server: stop
  21. Close SMC Tip/Tilt window.
  22. Enter shutdown in centDiag (this will shutdown the lgs7 computer).
  23. Quit centDiag.
  24. Exit LickAO.
  25. Quit AO IDL.
  26. Exit idl.
  27. Go to the AO instrument and do the following:
    1. Disconnect coax cable #36.
    2. Turn off lgs7 (4 power switches on the back of the computer).
    3. Turn off all 6 Pulizzis.
    4. Disconnect WFS and LTT camera cables.
    5. DO NOT turn off IRCAL power unless the observer is done taking darks.
    6. If observer is done with IRCAL, disconnect all cables.
  28. Go home and sleep!

Elinor Gates
Last modified: Mon Jan 16 15:08:32 PST 2012