LLAMAS LGS Shutdown Procedures

End of Night | End of Run

End of Night Shutdown Procedure

  1. Make sure enable/disable button in LLAMASlaser.tcl is red and says disabled (either press button or issue the following command on nickelvnc: modify -s poco poclaser=disabled
  2. Make sure lasonsky=off, e.g. check status in LLAMAlaser.tcl or type gshow -s poco lasonsky
  3. Use lgsStatusReportsLLAMAS.tcl to email Quick Look Report to Space Command Laser Clearinghouse within 15 minutes of laser operations end. Fill in appropriate laser operations start and stop times and update assessment message if necessary. If you need to update the operations assessment message from the default, you will probably have to fill in LOAP reports -- contact Elinor Gates ASAP for details and this will likely affect or prevent laser operations for days.
  4. Close LSM-LLAMAS.tcl window(s).
  5. Close LLAMASlaser.tcl window.
  6. Close llamas_telcoc

End of Run Shutdown Procedure

  1. Do End of Night procedure listed above.
  2. Park telescope.
  3. Close mirror cover.
  4. Close windscreen.
  5. Close dome shutter.
  6. Disable Movement in poco.
  7. LLAMAS team can shutdown their instrument safely.

Last modified: Tue Jul 25 16:21:01 PDT 2023