PFCam Setup Checklist

Last update 22 June 2009

Mounting PFCam on Top Ring
Floor Testing/Dry Run
Mounting on Telescope
Connections between Telescope and Control Room
Computer Configuration
Software Startup

Misc. Trouble Shooting

Mounting PFCam on Top Ring

I. Mechanical

  1. What steps?

II. Electronic

  1. What steps?

Floor Testing/Dry Run

  1. Connections between Top Ring and Control Room What is different from when on telescope?
  2. See Computer Configuration
  3. See Misc
  4. See Software Setup

Mounting On Telescope

I. Mechanical

  1. What steps?

II. Electronic

  1. What steps?

Connections between Telescope and Control Room

Computer Configuration


  1. Remove ADC covers (both of them!)
  2. Unplug flat lamps for MOS (Flat lamps for PFCam should be 12V/5W blubs, always plugged in)
  3. Put on shroud

Software Startup

  1. log in to shard as user
  2. start software by typing
    pfcam start disp
    pfcam start obs
    pfcam start mosui
  3. initialize/reset/test all motors
  4. 	A. on PFCam Gui
    		hit the reset button for each of the 4 motors
    		set Dewar focus to 0 (nominal focus value)
    		set TV Filter to Spinrad R
    		set Dewar Filter to any position
    		set TV Horiz Pos to Center
    	B. on MOS UI 
    		set A. Prime Focus to 3.0 (close to usual best focus value)
    		set B. ADC Mode to track or null
  5. take test exposures
    1. 1s Dark (bias levels should be about 1000 for each side of chip)
    2. 1s Normal with flat field (quartz) lamps on, make sure shutter is opening (counts in 1s: B ~ 3500, V ~7K, R ~15K ,I ~50K)



Misc. Trouble shooting:

  1. CCD Controller problems - Cycle power if all else fails. Turn off 34V, 15V, then main power switch. Turn on main power switch, 15V, then 34V switches.
  2. No light to TV camera - make sure ADC covers are off and that TV Filter position is Blank or Spinrad R.
  3. No light to CCD - Make sure Shutter is set to Open in the data taking software.
    Make sure shutter is actually opening. If not, cycle power to shutter controller.
    Make sure ADC covers are off.
  4. Half of chip reads all zero - Make sure both AL and AR coax cables are well connected to the CCD Controller and the electronics box next to the dewar.
  5. Dewar Focus Motor won't calibrate, stay calibrated or has trouble moving - Probably an alignment or balance issue. Might also need the lead screw to be cleaned. The motor has low torque and gets stuck if there is a small amount of dirt, grit or grime.