Changing PFcam Filters

If you are going to move the filter wheel via software do steps 1 to 12 until the desired filters are loaded (this assumes that PFCam's systems are up and running normally). If you are going to use the manual paddle to move the filter wheel, you need to have the PFCam dispatcher running and communicating with the PFCam galil motor controller. Please always wear gloves when handling the filters (particularly when handling the new 4" filters!).
  1. ssh user@shard
  2. Stop the dashboard by either clicking the "Quit" button or typing pfcam stop obsr
  3. Start the engineering dashboard by typing pfcam start engr
  4. From the dashboard, move to the desired filter unload position.
  5. Open the hatch on the north side of the PFCam shroud.
  6. Open the access door on the PFCam filter wheel.
  7. Screw the filter handling tool (screw with plastic knob, stored to lower left of filter wheel access door) into the filter holder.
  8. Remove the filter from the filter wheel, you will need to firmly push in the round, sprind loaded know by the filter wheel access door.
  9. Safely store the removed filter in the PFCam filter case.
  10. Screw filter handling tool into the desired filter holder (note that narrow band filters need to be installed in the special PFCam 2-inch filter holders kept next to filter storage cabinet).
  11. Install new filter. The round, spring loaded knob below the filter wheel access door, must be firmly pushed and held in to insert the new filter. The filter holder must slide in straight -- if it resists, gently adjust its angle until it slides easily and fully into the slot.
  12. Remove filter handling tool, replace in the threaded hole where it is kept, and close filter wheel access door.
  13. Update filter names in the software by doing the following:
    1. ssh pfcam@shard
    2. cd /u/pfcam/config
    3. Type confget, this program gets the current list of filter names.
    4. Edit the file pfcam.cfg using your favorite text editor to update the filter names.
    5. Type confput.
    6. If (and only if) confput gives the warning
      *** WARNING
      Inconfig did not successfully run CodeGen for pfcam!
      NO MAPRON FILE CREATED!  UI will not match dispatcher!
      Please see your Memes/CodeGen/Dashboard guru!
      *** WARNING
      You will need to (carefully!) hand edit /opt/kroot/data/pfcam/dyna/mapRON.cfg with the new filter names.

    7. ssh user@shard
    8. Stop the dispatcher by typing pfcam stop dispatch
    9. Stop the engineering dashboard gui by either clicking the Quit button or by typing pfcam stop obsr.
    10. Restart the dispatcher by typing pfcam start dispatch
    11. Restart the dashboard gui by typing pfcam start obsr
Note, if you have any trouble with the software not agreeing on filter names, stop all the PFCam software and restart it. If you still have problems, contact Elinor Gates or Will Deich.
Elinor Gates
Last modified: Thu Mar 4 12:59:26 PST 2010