Shane AO Shutdown Procedures

End of Night | End of Run

End of Night Shutdown Procedure

  1. If LGS mode, call Space Command (805-605-6546) to notify LGS operations complete.
  2. If LGS mode, call FAA (916-366-4019) to notify LGS operations complete.
  3. If LGS mode, close lsm.tcl window(s).
  4. If LGS mode, in saoWFSFocusTrack.tcl GUI: Disable WFSFocus Track.
  5. If LGS mode, in ShaneAO motor control GUI: Set WFS focus to +4475 load encoder counts. (Open detail window and verify position+22.38 mm).
  6. If LGS mode, in ShaneAO loop control GUI: Ensure Uplink set to OFF.
  7. If LGS mode, in ShaneAO motor control GUI: Ensure Sodium filter set to Out (requires Uplink OFF).
  8. In ShaneAO loop control: Ensure all loops are open: open()
  9. Ensure TUB = 74.0 degrees.
  10. In fieldsteer.tcl GUI: Set field steer motors back to their nominal, on-axis positions:
    • Uncheck Move Telescope and Auto Close Loops
    • Check LGS
    • Select Back On-Axis
    • Check NGS
    • Select Back On Axis
  11. In saocon_gui or fieldsteer.tcl GUI: Cross-check all loops are open.
  12. In ShaneAO loop control GUI: Set TTcam rate to 500 Hz.
  13. In ShaneAO loop control GUI: Set WFScam rate to 500 Hz.
  14. In slinelamp_fe GUI: Ensure Spare1 (uplink HV power supply) is Off.
  15. In ShaneAO Power Controls GUI (saopower_ui): Set calibration sources (635nm laser diode [B7]; Whitelight [B8]) to OFF.
  16. In ShaneAO Power Controls GUI (saopower_ui): Set Heartbeat failsafe [B6] to OFF

End of Run Shutdown Procedure

  1. Do the End of Night Shutdown procedure above.
  2. Turn off MEMS Heartbeat failsafe in saopower_ui [B6]
  3. Turn off Woofer in saopower_ui [B5]
  4. Turn timer back on for slinelamp: modify -s slinelamp LLPTEN=on
  5. Exit saoWFSFocusTrack.tcl (lgs software)
  6. Exit fieldsteer.tcl
  7. Exit NGSfieldsteer.tcl (usually not used, so may not be up)
  8. Exit peeko
  9. Exit ttpeeko
  10. Exit saocon_gui (main SAO GUI)
  11. Wait until Darks are done on ShARCS before continuing.
  12. Exit shaneao (command line AO control)
  13. Cntrl-C to exit the message log on real.
  14. Exit saomot_gui
  15. Exit sharcs_fe (sharcs data taker)
  16. Exit saowheels_gui (sharcs filter wheel GUI)
  17. Exit sharcsdisplay (sharcs image display)
  18. Exit scriptproc.tcl
  19. Exit eventsounds
  20. Log onto stealthie and stop sharcs servers (procedure is listed in the ShARCS startup document, summary of steps below).
    1. In an xterm window: ssh user@covert
    2. rdesktop stealthie
    3. Do ctrl-c in the Cold Sidecar window
    4. In the Sidecar ASIC window click on the red square icon to Stop HAL
    5. Click the X in the window manager to close the Sidecar ASIC window. When prompted if you want to save, click No.
    6. Shutdown stealthie:
      1. Click on Start
      2. Click Run...
      3. Type shutdown -s in the entry box and execute the command.
    7. Exit the rdesktop session by closing the window.
  21. Disable ShARCS temperature monitoring: modify -s saomon SH_BASICDIS="today 14:00:00" SH_COMBODIS="today 14:00:00" (substituting an appropriate time to start up monitoring again)
  22. Exit sharcspump_gui (sharcs pressure and temperature monitor)
  23. Turn off power to
    1. ShARCS filter wheel [C2]
    2. TT filter wheel [C1]
    3. WFS Camera [B4]
    4. TT Camera [B3]
    5. musher [B2]
    6. real [B1]
    7. Stealthie [A7]
    8. Jade card 5V power supply [A6]
    9. 12V servo power supply [A5]
    10. You must do these in this order to be sure the TTCamX stage doesn't fall:
      1. 24V brake power supply [A2]
      2. 24V motor power supply [A3]
      3. Galil DMC 40x0 motor controllers [A1]
      4. 5V DC Logic power supply [A4]
  24. Exit saopower_ui.
  25. Notify that SAO ready for removal from telescope.
  26. Do the following only when ready to immediately remove the instrument from the telescope.
  27. Disconnect ethernet, power, and laser uplink cables from SAO.
  28. Remove SAO from telescope.

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