ThAr Lamps

Currently we have eleven ThAr lamps in our inventory. The boxes of the lamps have been labeled ThAr02 through ThAr11 (lamp ThAr01 is currently installed and does not have a box).

The lamps are not labeled with the corresponding identifiers due to the fact there is no convenient way to label each lamp. Thus we are relying on people placing the proper lamp in the proper box.

The lamp characteristics are as follows. Click on the lamp ID to see a sample spectrum. Each lamp has a different spectrum and the differences may be significant.

All sample lamp spectra were taken with the same parameters: 18 mA current, 20 second exposure with the 100:25 (focus) aperture with dewar 4.

Lamp IDStatusInfo
ThAr01Installed at HamiltonS&J Juniper & Co.; Serial No. 531495, Removed 2013 Apr 19; Reinstalled 10 Aug 2014
ThAr02S&J BoxWestinghouse WL23418; Removed 9/6/2011; Lamp marked #02 TH
ThAr03Westinghouse BoxWestinghouse WL23418; Lamp marked TH
ThAr04S&J BoxS&J Juniper & Co.; Cat.No. 4160AHP; Serial No. 531499; Removed 10 Aug 2014, does not turn on.
ThAr05Westinghouse BoxWestinghouse WL 32809; New 2/17/95; Lamp marked WL-32809
ThAr06Westinghouse BoxWestinghouse WL-23418 Special; Lamp marked WL23418 Cathode TH; Base of lamp does not have pins, so would need special wiring to use.
ThAr07Westinghouse BoxWestinghouse WL 32809; New 2/17/95; Lamp marked WL-32809 Serial No. 0079; Removed 6/19/2011
ThAr08No box, packaged in foamWestinghouse WL 23027; Gas Ne; NOTE: Is actually a ThNe lamp, not ThAr.
ThAr09Clear BoxWestinghouse WL 23417; Gas A
ThAr10Westinghouse BoxWestinghouse WL 23418 Special; Th 1/4" DIA; Gas A
ThAr11Westinghouse BoxFischer Scientific Company WL-32809; Labeled "Bad Removed 10/97"
ThAr12Photron Lamps BoxPhotron P858A; Th with Argon Fill; Serial # HKL0457; New Feb 2014
ThAr13Photron Lamps BoxPhotron P858A; Th with Argon Fill; Serial # HKL0453; New Feb 2014

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