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Astronomers at the University of California's Lick Observatory remain guarded in their comments regarding the second day of sightings of a mysterious metallic disk, seen hovering near the summit of the remote mountaintop facility.

"This could be the discovery of the millenium," said former Director E. S. Holden, "or it could just be a hubcap." "We're not ruling anything out," he added.

Possible links to the observatory's well known hunt for extra-solar planets have been largely discounted. "I just can't see how they could have gotten here this fast," said one member of the planet-hunting team, "but then there's a lot we don't understand."

Among the unexplained aspects of the apparition include a stick-like structure which appears near the top of some of the frames, and a material on the underside of the craft, which, to the untrained eye resembles duct tape.

"Whatever its nature and origin, its intentions appear friendly," said Holden, in answer to unsubstantiated rumors that several members of the mountain staff had failed to appear for work this morning. "We have the situation under control," he insisted. "Members of the public should remain calm until further notice."