The Big Mt Hamilton Snowfall of February, 2001

Over the weekend of February 10th and 11th, Mount Hamilton was bedecked with what is being called the biggest snowfall in twenty-five years. Estimates range from 25" to 30", with drifts well over twice that deep. Here are some snapshots of mountain scenes, taken on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, February 11th, 12th, and 13th. Click on any picture to get a full-sized version in a separate browser window.

Three views of the 36" dome taken on the afternoon of Sunday the 11th. Soon after, it began snowing again, leaving another 6" to 8" during the night.
Left and Right:The 36" dome seen from knee-deep drifts on the road below.
Center: The courtyard behind the Main Building.

These pictures show the Main Building during a brief period of blue sky, late in the afternoon of Monday the 13th.
Left: looking northeast towards the Nickel telescope.
Center: from road leading to the Main Building.
Right: south across the parking lot to the 36" dome.

Various distant views taken on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (11th-13th).
Upper Left: Looking east from the highway towards Kepler Peak.
Upper Center: Looking north from the Main Building.
Upper Right: Mt. Hamilton road, after being plowed, seen from the Main Building.
Lower Left: Looking east from near the Main Building towards the Shane 3-meter, flanked by Copernicus and Kepler Peaks.
Lower Center: Looking east from the Old Dorm toward the Shane 3-meter. with Copernicus Peak visible beyond.
Lower Right: Looking south from the Man Building towards Ptolemy ridge and the 36-inch Crossley telescope.

Distant views of the Shane 3-meter.
Left: From the top of Kepler Peak looking west.
Center: From near the Main Building looking east.
Right: From the bottom of Kepler Peak looking west.

Views along the road.
Left: Shane 3-meter from the highway, looking northeast.
Center: The road to Kepler Peak.
Right: The highway after being plowed.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent trying, vainly, to keep up with the accummulating snow. On Tuesday, digging out began in earnest.
Upper Left: With most pavement under two feet of snow, clear parking places are hard to find: cars and trucks collected near the maintenance shop.
Upper Center: The County lends a hand with their skip loader.
Upper Right: Clearing out behind the maintenance shop to give access to the gasoline tanks, the generator, and the dumpsters.
Lower Left: Lick's tractor parked in front of the Maintenance shop.
Lower Center:Don Wright, Steve Crowe, Jon Genens, and Andy Tullis digging out at Steve's house.
with Copernicus Peak visible beyond.
Lower Right: The Main Building is completely inaccessible by car. Jon Genens ascends the 104 recently shoveled steps below the Old Dorm. ridge and the 36-inch Crossley telescope.

Many trees have fallen or lost limbs from the weight of the snow.
Left: A tree down just in front of the door to the Mt. Hamilton School.
Right: A large pine branch glanced off the eaves of a Kepler Peak residence before coming to rest on the front porch.

Left: Mel the snowman. Sculptor: Andy Tullis.
Center: Icicles on the Maintenance building.
Right: Chris Jantzen snowboards Mount Hamilton.

Pictures by Elinor Gates and Tony Misch