Lick Observatory Water Operators' Schedule

Water Operators' Schedule

Please try to contact the person who is working that day if you have
any questions or concerns about the water.

Lead Water Operator
Michele Redel
Hm (408) 531-8834
Cell (573) 698-4264
Cell (573) 291-1451
Water room-ext 8-0650

Water Operator
Tina Kurth
Hm (408) 238-7033
Cell (408) 688-7811
Ext 8-9616 gift shop
Ext 8-9611 emergency Hm

In case of an emergency please contact the Lead Water Operator
Michele Redel first.
Please feel free to call at home as there is not
always someone in the water department.

If unable to reach Lead Water Operator then contact Tina Kurth.

If unable to reach either then contact Kostas Chloros Telescope Operations Manager
Lick Observatory, x 8-9613, x 8-9612, or the Facilities Supervisor Joe Halay x 8-9614, x 8-9615