User's Guide to IRCAL

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Summary Table
Quick start
Instrument Characteristics
Software Overview
Data File Info
Filters, Grisms, Polarimeter
Nodding and Dithering Scripts
Observing Procedures and Tips
Technical Details
TechRef: (Dis)Assembly

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IRCAL is a near infrared camera designed for use with the Adaptive Optics system at the Cassegrain focus of the Shane 3-meter Telescope. IRCAL is equipped with a number of different filters (both broad and narrow band), grisms for spectroscopic work, and a polarimeter.

IRCAL has been in operation since 1999. It was designed by Dr. James Graham (UCB) and constructed at UC-Berkeley.

IRCAL was decommissioned in January 2014 so its dewar, filter and aperture wheels could be used for the next generation adaptive optics camera, ShARCS.

IRCAL is part of the Lick Adaptive Optics system and is available to the University of California astronomical community by subscription.
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All new users must be checked out by a resident astronomer on their first night. Please request support on your time application.

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