User's Guide to the Nickel Spectrograph

Table of Contents

Hardware Overview
Aperture Wheel
Filter Wheel
CCD Stage
Detector Characteristics
Software Overview
CCD User Interface
Motor Controller
Observing Hints
Calibration Lamp Spectra

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage


The Nickel Spectrograph (also known as the Stover Spectrograph) is a low to medium resolution spectrograph that sits at the f/17 cassegrain focus of the Lick Observatory Nickel 1-m Reflector on Mt. Hamilton. A set of grisms, covering the full range of optical wavelengths at different dispersions, is provided. The instrument also offers limited direct imaging.

Because the Nickel 1-m is a user-operated telescope, you must be trained its use in order to use the spectrograph. Telescope operation is described in the Nickel 1-m User's Guide.

NOTICE: The Stover Spectrograph is decommissioned as of November 2012.

The Nickel Spectrograph is a Lick facility instrument, available to the University of California astronomical community by subscription.
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Time Allocation Policy
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All new users must be checked out by a resident astronomer on their first night. Please request support on your time application.

Please direct questions to a Mount Hamilton support astronomer.
Email or consult the support astronomers' on-call schedule.

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