User's Guide to Shane Adaptive Optics System

Table of Contents

AO Observing Preparation
Hardware Overview
Software Overview
Real-time code shaneao
Real-time control GUI
Power Control saopower_ui
Motor Control saomot_gui
Field Steering fieldsteer.tcl
Laser Shutdown Monitor LSM.tcl
Laser Status Reports laserStatusReports.tcl
WFS Focus Tracking saoWFSFocusTrack.tcl
SAO System Monitor
Gallery of Aberrations

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Real-time Control GUI, saocon_gui

Saocon_gui is the user interface for easily and quickly operating the Shane Adaptive Optics system, SAO. One can control the deformable mirrors and adjust the loop parameters for most science operations.

Saocon_gui is a python program that runs on shanevnc and is started at the command line by typing saocon_gui. The user interface (Figure 1) will start and you can either control SAO from the GUI or with the command line in shaneao.

Figure 1: Default saocon_gui display. positions.

Menu Bar

Instrumnet Setups

Parameter Settings

Loop and Camera Control Buttons

Status Output and Command Line

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