User's Guide to Shane Adaptive Optics System

Table of Contents

AO Observing Preparation
Hardware Overview
Software Overview
Real-time code shaneao
Real-time control GUI
Power Control saopower_ui
Motor Control saomot_gui
Field Steering fieldsteer.tcl
Laser Shutdown Monitor LSM.tcl
Laser Status Reports laserStatusReports.tcl
WFS Focus Tracking saoWFSFocusTrack.tcl
SAO System Monitor
Gallery of Aberrations

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Software Overview

Shane Adaptive Optics (SAO) uses many pieces of software for operation of the system. Below is a table of the various pieces of software.

Summary of Observing Software for Shane Adaptive Optics
ProgramFunctionComputer: Command1
shaneaoSAO real-time control real: shaneao
saocon_guiSAO real-time control GUI shanevnc: saocon_gui
peekoWFS camera and DM actuator displays gavel@shade: peeko
ttpeekoTT camera image display gavel@shade: ttpeeko
saopower_uiPower control GUIsaopower_ui
saomot_guiMotor control GUIsaomot_gui
fieldsteer.tclField Steering GUIfieldsteer.tcl
saomon_guiSAO System Monitor GUIsaomon_gui
LSM.tclLaser Shutdown Monitorshanevnc: LSM.tcl
lsmExtra.tclLaser Shutdown Monitor for blanket shutdownsshanevnc: lsmExtra.tcl
saoWFSFocusTrack.tclWFS focus tracking for LGS modesaoWFSFocusTrack.tcl
laserOffload.tclLaser Offloading Status GUIshanevnc: laserOffload.tcl
aopococTelescope position client for AOaopococ
imageSharpenImage Sharpening GUIgavel@shade: imageSharpen
1If no computer is specified, command is available on every user computer.

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