User's Guide to ShARCS

Table of Contents

Summary Table
Detector Characteristics
Filters, Grisms, Apertures, Polarimeter
Software Overview
Data Taker GUI
Filter & Aperture Wheel GUI
Image Display GUI
Sound server
Temperature Monitor
Observing Procedures and Tips
FITS Header Keywords

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Temperature Monitoring GUI

The ShARCS dewar temperature and pressure are monitored with the sharcspump GUI. It run on any of the user computers and is started with the command sharcspump_gui. Normal temperature and pressure are shown in Figure 1, as well as the High voltage power should be on (HV power). One does not have to monitor this information as alerts will be sent to Lick Observatory staff if anything varies too far from the normal parameters.

Figure 1: ShARCS Temperature and Pressure Monitoring GUI, sharcspump_gui.

The File menu has 3 items: Increase font size (Ctrl++), Decrease font size (Ctrl+-), and Quit (Ctrl+q) which are self-explanatory and the keyboard shortcuts for the functions are shown in the parantheses.

Figure 2: File Menu
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