User's Guide to ShARCS

Table of Contents

Summary Table
Detector Characteristics
Filters, Grisms, Apertures, Polarimeter
Software Overview
Data Taker GUI
Filter & Aperture Wheel GUI
Image Display GUI
Sound server
Temperature Monitor
Observing Procedures and Tips
FITS Header Keywords

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Software Overview

ShARCS uses many pieces of software for operation of the NIR camera and spectrograph. Below is a table of the various pieces of software.

Summary of Observing Software for ShARCS
ProgramFunctionComputer: Command1
sharcs_feShARCS data-taker GUI covert: sharcs_fe
sharcsdisplayShARCS image display covert: sharcsdisplay
saowheelsFilter and Aperture wheel control saowheels_gui
scriptprocDithering scripts covert: scriptproc.tcl
sharcspumpShARCS Temperature and Ion Pump GUIsharcspump_gui
eventsoundsSoundserver for SAO/ShARCS eventseventsounds -a sao
1If no computer is specified, command is available on every user computer.

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