User's Guide to ShARCS

Table of Contents

Summary Table
Detector Characteristics
Filters, Grisms, Apertures, Polarimeter
Software Overview
Data Taker GUI
Filter & Aperture Wheel GUI
Image Display GUI
Sound server
Temperature Monitor
Observing Procedures and Tips
FITS Header Keywords

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage


Data directory | Lost Server | Set All stays yellow

Other Data in /data/sharcs

If there are data in /data/sharcs from a previous observer's run, contact a Support Astronomer or Telescope Technician and they will make sure that data are properly archived before clearing the directory for you. Do not move or delete the data yourself. If you need to take data before an SA or TT can assist you, make sure to use observing numbers different than already used. Note that the ShARCS software will not allow overwriting of data, so if you try to use an existing exposure number, it will increment the number to the first available.

Lost Server Message

If the Lost Server message appears in the sharcs_fe GUI, this means that communication between the software and the detector control computer has been lost. This can be for any number of reasons, but the first thing to try is to bring up the Setup GUI by clicking on Windows - Setup. Make sure that AsicCfg is set to C:\startup\SHARCSColdControlConfig.xml. Also check that UnixRootDir is /data. If Connected is NO or if the "Lost Server" message is displayed in sharcs_fe, press the Connect button. If connection is successful, initialize the system by pressing the Init button. Initing status will change to "Yes" during the initialization and SideCarInit should say "Success!". Once initialization is done, the Initing status will change to "No".

If Connecting and Initializing doesn't work, contact a Support Astronomer for assistance.

Set All button stays Yellow after pressing

If the Set All remains yellow after pressing it in either Auto Mode or Normal Mode GUI display screens, change to Advanced Mode in the File menu. Odds are a hidden parameter such as Resets was changed from the Exposure Palette and needs it individual Set button clicked. Make sure to check parameters and be sure everything is correct before switching back to Auto or Normal Mode.

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