3m Dome Temperatures

19 temperature sensors have been placed in the 3m telescope dome. Temperatures from all sensors are currently recorded hourly and the data downloaded weekly. All temperature data are available via ftp for analysis by interested parties.

The figure below shows the positions of the temperature sensors in the 3m telescope dome. There are four sensors at the top of the dome measuring the inside air temperature, inside dome wall surface temperature, outside dome wall surface temperature, and the air temperature between the two dome walls. There are five sensors at the bottom of the dome slit making the same four measurements as at the top of the dome, as well as measuring the outside air temperature.

Data for each week is written into two files. dometemps.mmddyy contains the data from the 10 temperature sensors mounted on the dome and teletemps.mmddyy contains data from the 9 temperature sensors mounted on the telescope and other areas of the 3m building.
mmddyy is the download date of the data.

A new plotting package has been added so you can view the data of your choice on-line, over any specified time period.

Raw Data 1999
Temperature Maps 1999
For data maps after 1 Jan 2002, contact Elinor Gates.
3m Guide TV Seeing Measurements

Temperature Sensor Position Map

Note: All data from April 1999 through 17 November 1999 is in PDT, not PST. All future data will be PST.

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