User's Guide to the Nickel Direct Imaging Camera

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Detector Characteristics

CCD-2 (aka Dewar#2), is a thinned, Loral, 2048 x 2048 CCD, with 15-micron pixels. Its 0.184 arcsec/pixel plate scale gives a field of view of about 6.3 x 6.3 arcminutes. CCD-2 is currently the only detector available for direct imaging on the Nickel telescope. See CCD-2 specifications for QE and other characteristics.

Readnoise and gain (measured on telescope by E.G. Dec 23, 2013) for each binning and readout mode is listed below.

Readout Time
Approx. Bias
x1slow1.88.9 1:161000
x1fast2.016.8 0:171000
x2slow1.810.7 0:211000
x2fast1.912.4 0:051000
x4slow1.913.3 0:061000
x4fast1.915.3 0:021000

The CCD full well depth is 118,000 e-. The chip is linear in response up to 60,000 DN in bin x2 fast mode (measured by E.G. April 2006). Other readout modes may become non-linear at lower count levels, thus keeping peak levels below 50K DN is recommended for all readout modes.

The CCD is read out using a single amplifier and the 32 column overscan region occupies the far right (highest numbered) columns.

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