User's Guide to the Shane 3-m Telescope

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The 3-m Telescope was completed in 1959 and named for Donald Shane, Lick Observatory Director during its design and construction. The Shane Telescope is the largest telescope on Mount Hamilton and was the second largest in the world at the time of its construction.

There are three foci at which to place instruments: Prime, Cassegrain and Coude. Facility instruments are available at each focus. Observers wishing to place their own instrument at one of the foci should contact a support astronomer to assess feasibility.

Focusf/ratioAvailable Facility Instruments
Prime5.5 No facility instruments currently available.
Cassegrain17 KAST Spectrograph - Dual Channel Optical Spectrometer

Shane Adaptive Optics feeding ShARCS - High Resolution Near IR Imager, Polarimeter, and Spectrometer

Coude36 Hamilton - Eschelle Spectrometer

Telescope operators (TOs) are provided by Lick Observatory to assist observers at the Shane Telescope. TOs primary duties are to (1) protect the telescope, and (2) help the observer acquire as much data as possible. The TO does have the authority (as well as the responsibility) to terminate observing at any time in order to protect the telescope or equipment.

The Shane Telescope is available to the University of California astronomical community by subscription.
Follow these links to:

Call for Shane Proposals
3-m Time Allocation Policy
Shane Observing Time Request Form

All new users must be checked out by a resident astronomer on their first night. Please request support on your time application.

Please direct questions to a Mount Hamilton support astronomer,

Shane 3-m Telescope

For historical reference or those working with older data sets, decommissioned instruments are listed below.
Focusf/ratioDecommissioned Facility Instruments
Prime5.5 Prime Focus Camera - Wide Field Optical Imager
Cassegrain17 Adaptive Optics feeding IRCAL - High Resolution Near IR Imager, Polarimeter, and Spectrometer

Gemini - Dual Channel Near IR Imager and Spectrometer

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