To safeguard optics and other equipment, all Lick telescopes are subject to closure due to wind, humidity, snow, and ash-fall. 3-meter limits are the responsibility of the telescope operator. At all other telescopes, the observer is responsible for the safety of the equipment. See Weather and Pointing Limits.


Weather Stations:
1-m telescope (new window) (graphical, 5 min. updates)
3-m telescope (new window) (graphical, 10 min. updates)
NW of 3-m telescope (new window) (graphical, 10 min. updates)
Summaries of weather station data:
rapid-update tabular summary (new window) (5 sec. updates)
tabular summary and one-day plots (2 min. updates)
one-day plots (RH, temp, wind, pressure) (7.5 min. updates)
Hamcams (Mt. Hamilton webcams) (image, 3 min. updates)
APFCam (APF telescope webcam) (image, 2 min. updates)
All-Sky Camera (image, 2 min. updates)
California Highway information (Mt. Hamilton Rd. = California Hwy 130)


National Weather Service 7-day point forecast for Mt. Hamilton
Zone forecast for E. Bay hills and Diablo Range, above 1000 ft.
Zone forecasts for SF Bay Area and Monterey
Forecast discussion for San Francisco Bay Area
Clear Sky Clock


West Coast GOES 17 IR long animation
West Coast visible animation, 4 km resolution
West Coast water vapor animation, 4 km resolution
West Coast 4 km Short Wave
North Pacific IR animation, 16 km resolution
North Pacific water vapor animation, 16 km resolution
Still Images:
IR, 4km resolution, West Coast
Visible, 4km resolution, centered on Monterey
Water vapor, 4km resolution, West Coast
Western US Rain Rate
Western US Surface Winds
NOAA Doppler Radar
Jet Stream Analysis and Forecasts at 300 mb
Real-time Lightning Tracker
GMAO Biomass Burning Modeling
Northern California Air Quality
Mt Hamilton Air Quality

MOUNT HAMILTON Recent and Past Weather and Observing Records

One-day plots of Mt. Hamilton weather measured at KAIT (Kepler Peak)> (service not supported by LO)
Plot Mt. Hamilton weather data (from 1 day to many)
Observing statistics: clear nights and average seeing, 1990-1998
3-meter dome and telescope temperature records, since 1999
Mt. Hamilton weather data, Sept 1880 to Nov 1885
Longterm weather records for Mt. Hamilton (courtesy Golden Gate Weather Services)
Longterm weather records for Mt. Hamilton (courtesy Desert Research Institute)