User's Guide to the Prime Focus Camera

Table of Contents

Hardware Overview
Software Overview
Detector Characteristics
Plate Scale and FOV
Count Rates
PFCam User Interfaces
Motor Control GUI
CCD Interface
Observing with PFCam
Starting the Software
Observing Hints
3-D representation
2-D representation
CCD diagrams
PFCam layout

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Software Startup

Starting the software is a multiple step process.

1. Begin by logging into shard as "user." Type "pfcam start dispatchers". This starts the servers, but not any of the user interfaces.

2. Type "pfcam start gui". This starts the PFCam Motor GUI.

Motor Control GUI

3. Open an xterm and "ssh user@pfcampc" (user account password available on request). As user on pfcampc, type "pfcamstart &". This should start the CCD-control and image-display software. The following three windows should appear:

CCD Control XVista Display XVista Image Conrol

4. Open an xterm and type "eventsounds pfcam". This is often run on gouda because it is the computer with speakers in the 3-m control room. The following window should appear:


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