User's Guide to IRCAL

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Software Overview | Starting IRCAL Software

Software Overview

The IRCAL software is broken up into different sub-units:

The software is a graphical user interface written in Tcl/Tk.

ircalui is the IRCAL User Interface and is used to operate the camera, take exposures, move filter and aperture wheels, nod telescope, and control the Adaptive Optics loops.

ircaldisplay is an IDL based image display widget that allows the user to manipulate the image using either the GUI or regular IDL commands.

eventsounds is a program that allows you to pick which sounds signal different events in ircalui, such as end of exposures and telescope nods.

Starting IRCAL Software

From the user account on either gouda or karnak type
and enter the user password at the prompt. This will start the graphical user interface for control of the IRCAL camera. Note that ircalui software actually runs on ircalbox2, but the user interface is displayed on gouda or karnak.

From the user account on either gouda or karnak type
(you will be prompted for the user password if starting the software from karnak). This will start the IRCAL image display software.

From the gouda console type
eventsounds ircal
to start the sound software.

Each of these programs are independent of each other and can be stopped and started at any time without adversely affecting the other pieces of software.

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