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Dewar Fill Tool (limited access)

Operations Manuals | LOEN Mirror of Operations Manuals

Motor Control Error Message Table (applies to all KTL-based services -- essentially everything except the UCAM's and the Nickel spectrograph)

Process Monitor (password protected)

Technical documents on

Lick Engineering Shops Drawings Database Search

Lick Engineering Shops Manuals

UCAM Command Parameters, etc. references

ThAr Lamp Inventory & Data

Shane Adaptive Optics
Adaptive Optics - Retired Spring 2014

Shane 3-m Telescope

Nickel 1-m Telescope


Dewar 4 Rotation, Tip, and Tilt Adjustment

Gemini Infrared Camera: Setup Checklist
Gemini Infrafed Camera: Disassembly/Reassembly Procedure

Prime Focus Camera: Setup Checklist
Prime Focus Camera: Changing Filters
Prime Focus Camera: electronics/computer layouts (for telescope or dome floor operation)
Prime Focus Camera: Science and Guider CCD fields, directions, etc.

Troubleshooting Weatherlink

Installing the Hamburg Filter in the 36" Automatic Camera

Photographic Plate Sensitization: Baking in Forming Gas

POCO Documentation

120" Private Bus Layout
120" Public Bus Layout

System backups with the 115 Gb FireWire drive

Extracting data from the STB archive

Guider Manual

NTP stats

Table of Mt. Hamilton hosts and their functions (password protected)

Portrait gallery of MH observers (password protected)
Observers Form for portrait gallery
Maintaining the observers' portrait gallery

Nomenclature for observing and guiding programs

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