User's Guide to the Gemini Twin-Arrays Infrared Camera

Table of Contents

Quick Reference
What is Gemini?
Summary Table
Quick start - for the expert
Not so quick start - set-up
Graphical User Interface
More About Gemini
Signal-to-Noise Estimates
Sampling Modes
Writing Scripts
Observing Recipes
Computer Setup
Testing the Arrays
Instrument Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting

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Script Writing Tool

Input any of the following parameters and a working script will be returned.

Script tool can make scripts that do just dithering, just moving of motors, or just changing observing setup parameters (or a combination of these actions).

Scripts can handle up to 9 dither positions and will always return the telescope and autoguider reticle to starting positions when script finishes.

Tool does not yet include moving any motors (this includes filter wheels) between dither positions. All motors are moved at the begining of the script.

Observing Setup

All of the following are optional.

Object Name

Channel A Channel B
Integration Time Per Coadd
Number of Coadds
Sampling Mode
Number of Multiple Reads

Other Motor and Display Settings:

All of the following are optional.

TV Auto DisplayOn Off
Autoguider Reticle X Position
valid range 140(left) to 655(right)
Autoguider Reticle Y Position
valid range 20(top) to 150(bottom)
Observing Mode
Aperture Wheel
Auxiliary Wheel
Wave Plate Position
Wave Plate Rotation

Dither Position Info

Telescope moves should be entered in arcseconds (+ east or north, - west or south) Up to 9 dither positions can be entered. All of the following are optional.

Dither PositionTelescope Move RATelescope Move Dec Expose ChannelDisplay Images or Differences
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6
Position 7
Position 8
Position 9

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