User's Guide to the Hamilton Spectrograph

Table of Contents

Quick Reference
CCD Characteristics
Grating Tilt & Dewar Height
Filter Wheel & Shutter
Calibration Sources
Photon Integrator
Image Rotator
Iodine Cell & Slit Room Controller
Guide Camera & Filter Wheel
Data Taking System
Hamilton Motor Controller
Hamilton Focus
More Info:
Spectral Format
Navigating the Spectrum
Table of Orders
Setup Procedures
Observing Hints

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Systems Integration

The spectrograph is operated from from the 3-m or CAT control room, addording to which telescope is being used (though some observers, especially those using the image rotator, may find it more convenient to observe from the CAT control room even when using the 3-m).

The basic system of spectrograph controls is illustrated below. The acquisition/guide TV is as much a part of the telescope control system as of the spectrograph, but is included here for completeness, and because TV focus and magnification are handled by the spectrograph controller.

User interfaces, running on their respective hosts, communicate to hardware controllers either directly or through intermediate hosts. From the observer's standpoint, all spectrograph functions are controlled through two programs, the data-taking program and hamit, on a single display. In the case of the CAT, acquisition and guiding are carried out by the observer on a separate display; when observing with the 3-meter, these operations are handled by the telescope operator.